March 21, 2020

Changes to Our Services

To our valued clients:

There have been many questions as to how we are handling the COVID-19 emergency and we appreciate you allowing us the time to sort out what is best for our clients and associates in the immediate future. Our professional associations have recommended that, until this crisis ends, we close our physical location and provide services online. Today we are announcing that we will be following that recommendation.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this decision, but as always our obligation must be to public health. We know that emotions are running high and it is a very stressful and worrying time for many. This is why we will be making ourselves available to you through virtual sessions with your therapist.

Please remember that our collective responsibility is to each other. Please follow the important recommendations of public officials and participate in social distancing, physically self-isolating if unwell ((as well as washing your hands, which is now understood to be more important than ever). However, please also remember these measures do not mean cutting off connection from the world and your loved ones. Right now we all need each other more than ever.

We look forward to supporting you and connecting soon.

Stay safe!

Southern Ontario Counselling Centre